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Founding Statement May 7, 2011

Posted by futurewired in Uncategorized.

Futurewired is a new blog focusing on speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, weird fiction, slipstream and other related topics.

The author reserves the right to post articles that are partial, biased, unoriginal, inconsistant, contradictory but hopefully interesting, all in the name of contributing to the cultural debate.

A few personal details

I’m an aspiring science fiction writer from the UK, with an insatiable reading appetite and a relatively newfound love of the genre. I grew up on Frank Herbert and Tolkein before callously abandoning them for more ‘literary’ fare. I’ve now embarked on a sort of journey of rediscovery and will be jotting down my thoughts as I go along, on new finds and rediscovered treasures, as well as anything else vaguely on topic that occurs to me.

The fact I’m coming back to a long established genre, and that as a fast reader with a low income most of the books I read are second hand or from the library, means that the books I review might be anything from a year old to a century. Still, if there’s one thing sci fi has taught me it’s that a linear sense of time is overrated.



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