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1. Matthew - August 9, 2011

I have a book that I think you would enjoy reviewing. Thanks for taking a look.

The Future Perfect is a dystopian satire of the future. A funny and
provocative look at things to come. For anyone, sci-fi fan
or not, who likes to explore and laugh at the absurdity of human
existence. It has been likened to Brave New World, and the writings of
Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Philip K. Dick, Isac Asimov and Margrett

For more information and the first chapter, please visit
or on Kindle

If you’d like to write a review, I’m happy to provide a copy of the book.

Thank you!
Matthew Clagg

A few excerpts of customer reviews:

This book is an absolutely fantastic, humorous and dark satirical look
at a dystopian future where humankind simultaneously wages war against
nature while pining for its renewal, glories in a shallow sterile
consumerist society obsessed with dreams of true happiness, computer
simulated immortality and the eradication of all danger via

It is the finest and most terrifying example of humanity’s celebration
of its own destruction written in the last 10 years. Truly written in
the spirit of Brave New World, The Future Perfect will make you laugh
and then realize with horror that it describes exactly the world for
which modern society is striving.

A short synopsis:
Zenith Cobra always wanted to change the world. He never dreamed he’d
do it with a theoretical animal.
With war, disease and wrinkles now things of the past, Zenith thinks
life has never been more exciting. He can watch a computer-generated
version of himself star in any movie every made, he can eat like a pig
and never gain weight by swallowing capsules that contain genetically
altered tape worms, and he can feel like he’s living in any exotic
place imaginable — including under the sea or out in space — by
flipping a switch on his room’s video walls.
Best of all, he can talk to computer-generated images of deceased
relatives and friends on the videophone, relating to them the same way
as when they were alive. If only he could convince himself, as most
people claim they have, that the souls of the dear departed are
residing in these simulated personalities, he’s sure he could finally
shake his fear of death and become happy.
In the meantime, Earth is losing its ability to support life. When the
world’s last wildlife preserve is destroyed by an insect plague,
society gets serious about saving the planet.
Zenith’s merchandising team reacts to the situation by introducing
“designer nature,” a science that promises to soon enable anyone to
design brand new animals by computer and electronically implant their
man-made genetic codes into chicken eggs. They introduce the idea by
way of a recently designed Dr. Seuss-like creature called the Smelix.
Overnight, merchandise adorned with the animal’s image becomes the
rage, though the Smelix is yet to exist in the flesh.
Soon Zenith find himself at the center of a global debate over using
designer nature to finally free mankind from the cold, cruel hand of
Mother Nature by replacing her with a completely man-designed,
people-friendly, insect-free ecosystem.
But is this plan just a scientifically unsound merchandising scheme
that will keep people in denial until the bitter end? The answer sends
Zenith and humanity in a direction that will completely surprise
readers, making them laugh while opening up to the deeper
possibilities of human existence.

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